Archives of Memory:
The Experience of Greek Jews in Audiovisual Testimonies

Organized by the Group for the Study of the History of the Jews of Greece

24-25 February 2012
Amphitheatre Saratsis, University of Thessaly, Volos

Conference Abstracts

Yiorgos Antoniou: Holocaust memories in Salonican Shoah survivors in USA and Greece: does the social context matter?
Henriette-Rika Benveniste: Between remembering and forgetting: When the camps were liberated
Eleni Bezes: Narrative Strategies in Testimonies of Salonikan Jews: The Expulsion from Spain
Riki van Boeschoten: Between duty and respect: the ethics of interviewing victims and perpetrators of the Shoah
Paris Papamichos Chronakis: "Greek Jews" at Auschwitz and the uses of national identity
Anna Maria Droumpouki: Sites of memory of Second World War in Greece through the lens of oral history
Pothiti Hantzaroula: Transformations of the witness: Memory and emotions in the testimonies of Greek Jews
Kerasia Malagiorgi: Coming back from the hiding places. The experiences of Jews of Volos in oral and video testimonies
Verena-Lucia Nagel: Testifying to Deportation: Jewish Women remember their deportation from Salonika
Vasilis Ritzaleos & Angel Chorapchiev: An untold story: Testimonies on the salvation of the Greek Jews mobilized to the Bulgarian forced labour camp in Belitsa (1943)