A list of Holocaust documentaries containing testimonies of Jewish survivors from Greece.

Title: 39405, 2001, 30’
Director: Kyriake Malama
Language: Greek
Topic/info: Auschwitz survivor Zana Sadikario-Saatsoglou shares her story with students from the Inter-Cultural High School of Thessaloniki.
Country/Production company: Greece

Title: 500 years of history of the Spanish Jews in Thessaloniki, 1992
Director: Takis Hatzopoulos
Language: Greek
Topic/info: History of the Jews of Thessaloniki
Country/Production company: Paraskinio

Title: Testimonies, 1992, 52΄
Director: Giorgos Petritsis
Language: Greek
Topic/info: The Holocaust in Greece and the rescue of Greek Jews. Available at the National Greek Television (ERT) Digital Archive
Country/Production company: ERT

Title: The Jews of Thessaloniki, 1997, 58΄
Director: Dimitris Sofianopoulos
Language: Greek
Topic/info: History of the Jews of Greece and of the Holocaust in Thessaloniki
Screenplay: Vassilis Vassilikos
Country/Production company: FS Production

Title: The Song of Life, 65΄, 2002
Director: Tonis Lykouresis
Language: Greek & English
Topic/info: The rescue of the Jews of Zakinthos
Country/Production company: NET, Greek Film Center, Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Title: Children in Hiding, 2011, 124΄
Director: Vassilis Loules
Language: Greek
Topic/info: Jewish children hidden in occupied Greece
Country/Production company: Greece

Title: Auschwitz: The Final Witness, 2000, 53΄
Director: Andrew Barron
Language: English
Topic/info: Three members of the Sondercommando return to Auschwitz and recall their experiences
Country/Production company: Ergo Media, Inc.

Title: Because of that War, 1989, 93΄
Director: Orna Ben Dor
Language: Hebrew with English subtitles
Topic/info: The impact of the Holocaust on the descendants of survivors. Includes testimonies of Jews from Greece
Country/Production company: Manor Productions Ltd

Title: Farewell My Island, 2001, 22΄
Director: Isaac Dostis
Language: Greek with English subtitles
Topic/info: The deportation of the Jews of Corfu
Country/Production company: Act 1 Presentations

Title: I Never Danced With My Father, 18΄
Director: -
Language: Greek with English subtitles
Topic/info: Examines the relationship between father and son
Country/Production company: Greece

Title: In The Shadow Of The Acropolis, 2007-2008, 30΄
Director: Laura Zelle and Maxine Davis
Language: English
Topic/info: Romaniote Jews in Athens
Country/Production company: Tolerance Minnesota

Title: Ioannina, Athens, Jerusalem, 30΄
Director: -
Language: Hebrew
Topic/info: The Jews of Yannena
Country/Production company: Israeli Institute for Jewish Films

Title: It Was Nothing, It Was Everything: Reflections on the Rescue of Greek Jews During the Holocaust, 1997, 28΄
Director: -
Language: English
Topic/info: Rescue of the Jews of Greece. Narrated by Irene Pappas
Country/Production company: Documentaries International Film & Video Foundation and Yad Vashem

Title: Rhodes Forever, 1995, 60΄
Director: Diane Perelsztejn
Language: Spanish, French, Italian, Greek with English subtitles
Topic/info: The Jews of Rhodes
Country/Production company: Belgium, National Center for Jewish Film

Title: Salonique ville de Silence, 2006, 52΄
Director: Maurice Amaraggi
Language: French and English
Topic/info: The memory of the Holocaust in present-day Thessaloniki
Country/Production company: Nemo Film

Title: Shoah, 1985, 570΄
Director: Claude Lanzmann
Language: French
Topic/info: Interviews with survivors in fourteen countries. Includes testimonies of Greek Jews from Corfu
Country/Production company: France

Title: We Are Not Alone: Greek Jews And The Holocaust, 30΄
Director: Isaac and Diana Dostis
Language: English
Topic/info: The Holocaust in Greece and rescue attempts
Country/Production company: Act 1 Presentations